Best And Fastest Way To Clean Bathroom Tile In Shower

Soap Scum Yuck!

When tile first gets put in place it looks amazing.  The tile is shiny and the grout is clean.  At first you may scrub these clean every week if not every day but as time goes on less areas get scrubbed.  Once soap scum starts to build up normal cleaning products and techniques may not work.

Photos to the left:
These photos show areas that get attention all the time and other areas that get passed over.

ZEP mold and mildew stain removal will work extremely well.  The down side to using this product is the intense smell and harsh chemicals.  You will want to wear gloves and a mask because of this.  If you want to clean the tile fast then this is the BEST way to accomplish that goal.

When using Zep AVOID using water.  Use a microfiber cloth and apply liberally.  Allow the product to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cleaning it off.  To clean off the product use a clean microfiber cloth and spray it with Windex.  Windex has ammonia which helps to remove Zep better than water.  You may need to apply this a few times.  Again, the smell will remain for a a few hours so keep a window open and or a vent on and the bathroom door shut.  Again, this is the least environmentally way to clean tile but it is the fastest and one of the most effective ways.

*** Also, to apply you could use a scratch resistant pad (scotch-brite)***

Link to amazon for ZEP product:


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