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Best practices for hardwood floor cleaning

It is extremely tough to keep hardwood floors looking like new.  Harder still to clean them.  Here are a few suggestions that can help.  First thing is to get a microfiber mop with a few mop heads.  Cold water with a stash of vinager.  Spray the solution on the hardwood floors with a spray bottle.  This will evenly disperse the water.  Only use a small amount and then wipe the floors with some pressure from the mop.  After it dries use a product thats all natural.  Not mop and glow which will over time leave a residue.  Bona is a good product to use.  Use a new microfiber mop head and with the spray bottle (cleaned out) spray small amounts of bona on the floor.  Small amounts go along way.  The idea with this concept is the first wash with vinager cleaned off debris and build up and then the bona or something similar with shine them up.  This will take longer to do but you will get better results.

Is there a better way than bidding?

Titan Cleaning Services has close to two dozen cleaning accounts.  They range from small office spaces to multi-level condo buildings.  This past year we bid on close to 40 jobs all varying in size.  Typically business call to gets estimates because they are not happy with the current level of cleaning taking place.  Typically, paper and debris left week after week, no shows on the day(s) cleaning was needed, kitchen counters left a mess and bathroom floors with staining.

Often we get told that we are one of a few businesses being called to bid.  The reason for this is to price check and usually that means the lowest bidder will get the job.  However, why cant a different approach be taken.
Disclosing the budget requirements for cleaning either up front or at the end of the property inspection can actually be a good thing.  For example if we go to a facility that is 6,000 sq ft and they are looking for cleanings twice a week we would figure out what else is needed during each cleanin…