Best And Fastest Way To Clean Bathroom Tile In Shower

Soap Scum Yuck!

When tile first gets put in place it looks amazing.  The tile is shiny and the grout is clean.  At first you may scrub these clean every week if not every day but as time goes on less areas get scrubbed.  Once soap scum starts to build up normal cleaning products and techniques may not work.

Photos to the left:
These photos show areas that get attention all the time and other areas that get passed over.

ZEP mold and mildew stain removal will work extremely well.  The down side to using this product is the intense smell and harsh chemicals.  You will want to wear gloves and a mask because of this.  If you want to clean the tile fast then this is the BEST way to accomplish that goal.

When using Zep AVOID using water.  Use a microfiber cloth and apply liberally.  Allow the product to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cleaning it off.  To clean off the product use a clean microfiber cloth and spray it with Windex.  Windex has ammonia which helps to remove Zep better than wat…

The Best Way To Grow A Small Business

People starting a small business are told that they need to be passionate about what they do and be willing to work hard to succeed.  be willing to work long hours...  That's 50% true but at what point to small business owners decide enough is enough?  To be successful means to be willing to accomplish your goal no matter what.   You need to look around at your competition and other small businesses not related to yours and take notes.  You should note what seems to be working well, what doesn't work well and how they can improve.  Answer those questions and consistently follow your answers to those questions and you will have the other 50% you need to be successful.  Certainly a little start up cash doesn't hurt either.
How many times will you walk by a store that has new businesses it every other year?  The worst thing is when they are basically the same business that already failed.  You must be passionate about what you do because when the hard work starts to defeat y…

Best ways to clean office spaces and commercial buildings

This is the best time of year to review your businesses existing and potentially new cleaning needs. Office moral can be boosted when certain trouble areas are tended to more frequently.  We are often asked to bid on cleaning offices bathrooms, kitchen areas, light dust and vacuum. Usually every office wants the same things cleaned.  A suggestion we have would be to send an email to employees asking what they may like done in addition to what is already being cleaned.  Also, what do they notice doesn't get cleaned or keeps getting missed by the current cleaning company.  This email can then be used to address your current cleaning company on what they can do better and potentially what they could add additionally when they come to clean.  Typically vacuuming under the desk is often on the list of employee complaints but you may be surprised what else shows up.  Employees that enjoy coffee may enjoy having a really clean and organized coffee areas.  Others may enjoy a better dustin…

Is paper marketing dead for small businesses?

After only four days the recycling bin is over flowing at this Apartment complex.  This is the first of two recycling bins that were over flowing with junk mail.  I tried advertising in two paper publications last summer and had limited success.  The cost to advertise with these publications were greater than that of Adwords.  Something else to think about would be tracking the success of these mailings.  Can you? Do you?  Most people who use the coupons in these are the same people who always use them.  Are you really gaining new business from these various types of marketing?  I spent nearly $1,700.00 in three months and could only account for two calls from them that turned into business.  The two calls did not pay for the amount spent.  Adwords on the other hand allows for changing in your daily spend, location and more.  This flexibility allowed my business to grow from one account to over two dozen in less than one year.  I could verify where the clicks were coming from and com…

Whats the best home remedy for cleaning?

Again and again more home remedies come out of the woodwork to help clean hard messes faster and easier.  How many now, 10... 50... 100... 1,000?  Baking soda, vinegar, wine, olive oil, chalk etc.  Along with some of these are the hundreds of cleaning combinations that come with mixing them.  They can clean water stains, rust, stains, grease etc.  The amount of time it would take to figure out the perfect combination and amount you could have just gone and bought a specific brand to clean the mess.  Home remedies maybe safer but now a days many cleaning supplies have a green seal.  My suggestion is to read the brand first to see what's actually in it and then if you decide it's not safe try one of the home remedies.  Just be patient as it may take a few attempts before any progress is made.

Easy technique for cleaning grout thats safe.


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