Best ways to clean office spaces and commercial buildings

This is the best time of year to review your businesses existing and potentially new cleaning needs.

Office moral can be boosted when certain trouble areas are tended to more frequently.  We are often asked to bid on cleaning offices bathrooms, kitchen areas, light dust and vacuum. Usually every office wants the same things cleaned. 

A suggestion we have would be to send an email to employees asking what they may like done in addition to what is already being cleaned.  Also, what do they notice doesn't get cleaned or keeps getting missed by the current cleaning company. 

This email can then be used to address your current cleaning company on what they can do better and potentially what they could add additionally when they come to clean. 

Typically vacuuming under the desk is often on the list of employee complaints but you may be surprised what else shows up.  Employees that enjoy coffee may enjoy having a really clean and organized coffee areas.  Others may enjoy a better dusting job around there desk etc.. 

If it is in your offices budget two cleanings a week or more can keep things cleaner.  Trash gets removed more often this way, bathrooms freshened up, sanitized and fully stocked and special areas of concern or consideration can be attended to more often. 

A clean office can help increase moral.  Which can lead to more productivity in your office or commercial work space.


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