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The Best Way To Grow A Small Business

People starting a small business are told that they need to be passionate about what they do and be willing to work hard to succeed.  be willing to work long hours...  That's 50% true but at what point to small business owners decide enough is enough?  To be successful means to be willing to accomplish your goal no matter what.   You need to look around at your competition and other small businesses not related to yours and take notes.  You should note what seems to be working well, what doesn't work well and how they can improve.  Answer those questions and consistently follow your answers to those questions and you will have the other 50% you need to be successful.  Certainly a little start up cash doesn't hurt either.
How many times will you walk by a store that has new businesses it every other year?  The worst thing is when they are basically the same business that already failed.  You must be passionate about what you do because when the hard work starts to defeat y…