Whats the best home remedy for cleaning?

Again and again more home remedies come out of the woodwork to help clean hard messes faster and easier.  How many now, 10... 50... 100... 1,000?  Baking soda, vinegar, wine, olive oil, chalk etc.  Along with some of these are the hundreds of cleaning combinations that come with mixing them.  They can clean water stains, rust, stains, grease etc.  The amount of time it would take to figure out the perfect combination and amount you could have just gone and bought a specific brand to clean the mess.  Home remedies maybe safer but now a days many cleaning supplies have a green seal.  My suggestion is to read the brand first to see what's actually in it and then if you decide it's not safe try one of the home remedies.  Just be patient as it may take a few attempts before any progress is made.


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