Is paper marketing dead for small businesses?

After only four days the recycling bin is over flowing at this Apartment complex.  This is the first of two recycling bins that were over flowing with junk mail.  I tried advertising in two paper publications last summer and had limited success.  The cost to advertise with these publications were greater than that of Adwords.  Something else to think about would be tracking the success of these mailings.  Can you? Do you?  Most people who use the coupons in these are the same people who always use them.  Are you really gaining new business from these various types of marketing?  I spent nearly $1,700.00 in three months and could only account for two calls from them that turned into business.  The two calls did not pay for the amount spent.  Adwords on the other hand allows for changing in your daily spend, location and more.  This flexibility allowed my business to grow from one account to over two dozen in less than one year.  I could verify where the clicks were coming from and compare that data with my websites analytics  If your a small business owner and struggling month after month to get new clients marketing online can help.  Google offers FREE help in setting up your account and marketing campaign.  Then can speak with you weekly and provide assistance FREE.  The picture above is the past.  Stop paying for materials that get tossed out and start paying for business that actually wants what your selling.  If your not computer savvy you need to learn fast because your competition already has. 


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