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First attempt

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I plan to use this blog to provide helpful tips and tricks I learn from cleaning and to review the ups and downs of starting a new business from the ground up.  To anyone who happens to read this blog please know that I left my full time job to start a business.  The month before I was blessed with the birth of my son Corbin Parent.  Everything I do moving forward will be for my wife and Corbin so I hope the things I blog about are more up then down because my financial well being depends on it.  Also, I hope the things I write in this blog are interesting to the people who read it...

Sick of job interviews with people who hate the company they work for

May 1st I decided to leave work and join the millions who start their own business every year.  The feeling that my nine years of work experience and bachelors degree still mean the same today is it did the day I graduated over nine years ago makes me sick.  When I graduated we were living in the nations largest recession and so businesses weren't hiring.  The businesses that were hiring only wanted someone with experience and willing to get paid less to do more work than the person they fired.   

Move forward to 2017 and businesses in NH are noticing that the job market is extremely competitive.  There are less unemployed and qualified job candidates in NH than most other states so that begs the question... why do you interview someone in NH like there are hundreds to choose from.  Here is an example from a recent company I applied to this past summer; First you have to submit your name, address and employment information as well as attach a resume and cover page.  This can take…